DTM Accredited Bible College
Pastor Marv Hodges, Dean
Every Monday Evening
Acquire an Associate-Bachelors or Masters Degree
in the many classes that are offered.

Puttin’ Sober (AA Meeting)

Every Tuesday @8:00pm
Deacon Jim C. leads this meeting
with the 12 step program and shares his own
testimony(life experiences) celebrating his own
sobriety for 18 years and is a lifetime sponsor to many.
Every Wednesday @6:00pm
Come and soak in the presence of the Holy Spirit.
Holy Spirit led prayers for the church, ministries,
Pastors, Country and it’s leaders
Ministry Class
Every Wednesday @7:00pm
Pastor Marv brings the Word of God and
leaves the floor open for the Holy Spirit to
move and allows open shared discussion
that brings healing and a peace that only God
can bring-Get a fresh touch from God.
Don’t miss this anointed time in God’s presence.

Women’s Bible Study

Every Thursday at 10:00am
Pastor Mary brings the Word of God through
God inspiring books and materials for the women
to grow and learn from-inspiring and life changing!

Men’s Breakfast

Every First Saturday of the Month @8:00am
A different speaker for each month
Men can come and share openly without judgement.
Come and get refreshed.
Celebration Sunday
Communion is observed with those who attend the first Sunday of every month.
Attendees will bring a covered dish to add to the main course
that is chosen ahead of time, celebrating each other 
and God’s goodness.  What a Blessing!

Food Pantry

Every 3rd Saturday from 10:00am to 11:30am-those arriving after 11:30am will not be served but by appointment only.
Get your ticket early!
Those with disabilities will be served first.
With God’s provision-a weeks worth of groceries is given.
Pastor Mary gives a message of hope from the Word of God.
Refreshments are also served.
*VOLUNTEERS WELCOME:  Arrival time on that Saturday is 8:00am for the Volunteers.
*Needed Volunteers on Friday mornings to help pick up food and unload @9:30am to prepare a day ahead of time.